Christmas Door Decorations

Get festive for the holidays and display Christmas door decorations at your home. Get creative with your Christmas door decorating, and think outside the box. Rather than just the traditional wreaths and lights, consider unique ideas for Christmas door decorations such as bells, pine cones, and presents.

Christmas Door Decorations

Try out these Christmas door decoration ideas:

  • Bells: Visit your local craft store and purchase multiple bells along with some red ribbon. Look for small bells around 1 ½ inches in size with loops at the top. String the bells, one by one, on to the red ribbon. After you string each bell, tie it securely to keep it from sliding down the ribbon. Add some accents to the vertical display of bells such as pieces of evergreen. Add a red bow to the top for the finishing touch. Hang the display on your door for all to see and admire during the holidays, and enjoy the merry jingle every time someone comes home!
  • Pine cones: Collect hardy pine cones from nearby your home, a walking trail, or from your local craft store. Paint glue on to the edges of the pinecones and sprinkle either red, green, silver, or gold glitter over the glue. Once dry, tie each pine cone to the end of a piece of red, green, silver, or gold ribbon. Cut the ribbon in a variety of different lengths, anywhere from six inches to one foot. Aim for at least five pieces of ribbon and five pinecones. Position all of the ribbons so that the pinecones hang from the bottom. Attach the tops of all of the ribbon pieces together with a needle and thread. Make a bow and attach it to the top as well. Enjoy the beautiful, homemade display of pinecones throughout the holiday season.
  • Present: Take advantage of unique door decorating ideas for Christmas and wrap your front door to look like a holiday present. Purchase multiple feet of metallic red wrapping paper. Cut the wrapping paper to fit your front door. Adhere the paper to the door with duct tape on the top, bottom, and sides. Use a contrasting color ribbon, such as white, to tie a bow around the “package.” Try to hold off on opening this present, until after Christmas!

Make a statement for your neighbors and holiday guests with your Christmas door decorating ideas. Leave them with a positive impression of your holiday cheer and welcome their compliments throughout the season. And now that your home is ready for the holidays, send one of our free Christmas party invitations to invite everyone over to celebrate!

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