Silver and Gold Christmas Theme Party

For an elegant holiday celebration, throw a silver and gold Christmas party. Glittery, metallic colors can instill a majestic air at your event and are a perfect complement to the crisp weather outside. These ideas for a silver and gold Christmas will inspire you to incorporate some shimmer into your next holiday event.

Add sparkle and glamour to your holiday celebration with these tips and ideas:
  • Silver and Gold Christmas Invitation: Set the tone for your party by sending a sophisticated invitation that matches the atmosphere you want to have at your party. The collection of free online invitations on Punchbowl has many options for you to send to guests. Let them know the name of the party, who is hosting it, the date, time, place, and RSVP info. If you would like them to dress in the theme of your colors, add that information too.

Free Christmas party invitations

free Christmas invitations

  • Silver and Gold Christmas Decorations: Choose luminous holiday decor as well as a silver and gold Christmas tree to accent your home. Metallic garlands will shine when wrapped around your stairway banister or nestled into the boughs of your tree. You can also pick up plain architectural ornaments from your local craft store and quickly spray them with gold or metallic paint so they sparkle when you hang them. All around the house, fill apothecary jars and hurricane lamps with loose glass ornaments and sequins, and place these on reflective surfaces near candles. They will catch the light and glow beautifully.
  • Silver and Gold Christmas Menu: Choose a tablecloth or set of placemats that match your color scheme. If you’re having a buffet, display the food on silver or gold platters. For dessert, try this recipe for a gold and silver cake. Bake a yellow cake and a white cake and alternate the two colors, spreading frosting in between the layers. Frost the entire outside of the cake and then decorate with French dragée, luster dust, or edible reflective sprinkles.
  • Silver and Gold Party Favors: Create handmade ornaments to give to your guests as a party favor. A little bit of glitter can go a long way in transforming plain items into stunning holiday decorations that will look great on the tree. Use a thin paintbrush, craft glue, and fine-grain glitter to add some sparkle to pine cones, assorted uncracked nuts, or plain glass ornaments. Use a gold or silver metallic ribbon to hang them.
Enjoy bringing a bit of the winter shimmer indoors for your holiday party and highlight the brightness of the season with a silver and gold Christmas party.
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