Christmas Craft Ideas

The holiday season is a great time to reconnect with family. Christmas crafts are a great way to spend time with your kids and get into the Christmas spirit at the same time. You can make DIY Christmas decorations, DIY Christmas ornaments, or fun gifts to give to the kids’ teachers or classmates. Here are a few creative Christmas craft ideas for you to try:

  • Santa Doll: A Santa doll face makes a great Christmas ornament or just a decoration to hang on the wall. Start with flesh colored polymer dough. Mold it into an egg shape, and add a small piece on for Santa’s nose. Mold the dough into a face shape by making indents for eye sockets and forming his nose, cheeks, and mouth. Look at the picture for a guide, and don’t forget to add small pieces of clay for the eyes. Bake the dough according to the package directs and let cool completely. Paint on his eyes, white eyebrows, and rosy cheeks and lips. Then glue on white doll hair or white yarn for his hair and beard. Glue on a small Santa hat to cover his head. You could also make this hat with red and white felt. Glue a string to the back of the clay part to hang.

DIY Santa craft, santa ornament

  • Advent Wreath: Countdown to Christmas in your home with this easy Christmas craft. Buy an inexpensive, faux wreath or fresh, evergreen boughs for the base. First, glue four white candles onto metal disks so that the melting wax won’t get on the wreath. Jar lids work well for this. Then glue these (using hot glue) equally spaced out onto the wreath when it is lying flat on a table, making sure they are stable. When the glue has dried, tie four ribbons of equal length around the wreath between the candles. Tie the ribbons together at the top and hang from the ceiling as a beautiful and festive Christmas chandelier.

DIY Christmas decoration, DIY hanging Christmas wreath

  • Jar Candle Holders: This easy Christmas craft is a great way to display candles. Simply fill a glass jar with small Christmas trinkets. You could put figurines and fake snow inside, or go for a more simple look with pinecones or holly. Then hot glue a white candle to the top of the jar, and that’s it! As the candle melts it will cover the area you have glued.

DIY Christmas jar craft

  • Christmas Present Tree: Use gift boxes as decorations! Wrap three square boxes of sequential sizes with the same wrapping paper and tie ribbon around the boxes. This looks especially good if you use green paper and red ribbon or vice-versa. Stack and glue the boxes together. You can leave this present “tree” inside on the stairs on in a corner, or you can put it on your (covered) porch. For a fun variation, secure it to a big empty pot as a topiary.
  • Candy Sleigh: This DIY Christmas craft can be used as a decoration or makes a great gift for teachers or friends. Simply glue a Kit Kat bar to two candy canes, with the curved parts facing up, like the runners of a sleigh. Then fill the “sleigh” by gluing on mini candy bars to make a pyramid.

These easy Christmas crafts are just some ideas for you to get started with. Happy crafting!

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Free Christmas party invitations

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