White Christmas Decorating

Deck the halls of your home with beautiful white Christmas decorating to create a classy, sophisticated ambiance. Include white Christmas décor such as a white Christmas tree, white lights, white decorative snow, white stockings, and white Christmas ornaments.

White Christmas Decorating

Take advantage of these gorgeous white Christmas decorating ideas:

  • White Christmas tree: Purchase a white Christmas tree from your local party store, and decorate it with sparkly and bright white Christmas tree decorations. Create contrast between the color of the white Christmas tree and the decorations. Select crystal ornaments and ornaments with a silver or opaque base and white accents. Spread white decorative snow under the tree for an added touch of beauty.
  • White lights: Add a “wow” factor to the white Christmas decorations with white lights. Include traditional white rope lights, LED icicle ornaments, white bubble lights and spheres. Add a white star as the tree topper to complete the Christmas tree decorations.


  • White stockings: Purchase or make white stockings to hang as decorations on the fireplace. Personalize the stockings with your family’s initials. Include white ribbon, lined with silver, around the tops of the stockings. Add silver, off-white, and sparkly decorations to the stockings.

  • White candles: Place decorative white candles in each window of your home. Choose the battery operated candles to avoid a fire hazard. Turn the candles on at night for a beautiful winter Christmas effect. Watch the gorgeous affect as the glow of the candles reflects off of the glass of the window.


Be creative and add a homemade white snowflake decoration made by the kids to the Christmas tree. Provide white cardstock paper in the shape of a snowflake along with glue and white glitter for a spectacular white Christmas decoration addition to the tree!

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