A Guide to Swedish Christmas Decorations

A new idea to try this holiday season is using Swedish Christmas decorations around the house. Incorporate the Scandinavian spirit into a traditional Swedish Christmas celebration with these Swedish Christmas decoration ideas.

Here are a few traditional Swedish Christmas decorating ideas:

  • Around the House: One time-honored Swedish Christmas decoration is a boxwood and dried wheat wreath or garland. Head down to your local garden store to find your supplies. In your windows, put up white Swedish stars, called Julstjarna, for an authentic touch. You can also celebrate the Advent with a wreath or calendar to count down the days until December 25th.
  • On the Tree: The Swedish Christmas tree should be the centerpiece of all decorations. Most families in Sweden wait until the day before Christmas Eve to bring in the tree and decorate it, however, here are some ideas for Swedish Christmas ornaments that you can prepare ahead of time. Use ribbons, white lights, and hand-made trinkets to trim your tree. DIY options include heart baskets made out of brightly colored paper, cardboard angels, or tissue paper crackers.
  • On the Table: Candles were popular during the cold, dark Swedish winter. Tea lights are classic and can be safely placed on the table. Set your table with linens in the traditional colors of the holiday: gold, white, and blue. A buffet of sweets including marzipan fruit is a must have for dessert. Serve glogg, traditional mulled wine, at your Christmas dinner.

Swedish Christmas traditions center around bringing family together during this special time of year. Enjoy some music and dancing and take time to learn about other Scandinavian holiday practices such as Santa Lucia Day on December 13th. You may develop some customs that your family will want to repeat year after year! Plan your own Swedish Christmas party with this beautiful, free Christmas invitation. 

Free Christmas party invitations

Free Christmas party invitations

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