1st Birthday Photo Shoot Ideas

A first birthday party is a momentous occasion in any child and parent’s life. Such a milestone warrants a special photo shoot to ensure that you get the perfect set of pictures to treasure forever. Here are some great 1st birthday photo shoot ideas for the big celebration:

  • Birthday Cake Shot: This is the most coveted first birthday party picture. Cut a slice of birthday cake and place it on a paper plate with an unlit candle for your little one. Have your camera ready to snap some great photos of your baby stuffing their face with birthday cake and covering themselves with frosting from head to toe. Another great idea is to have a “Happy First Birthday” sign hanging in the background behind the baby’s chair.
  • Be Creative: Another great first birthday photo shoot idea is to dress your baby up in a cute outfit. Many stores sell shirts, dresses, hats, crowns, etc. that say things like “First Birthday” or “Birthday Boy” on them. If your party has a theme, use that for outfit inspiration. For example, if the party has a safari theme, dress them up in khaki shorts, a safari vest, and a hat. Take pictures of your baby by themselves, with mom and dad, grandparents, etc. Use different backdrops, props (like their favorite stuffed animal) and positions.
  • Professional Photographer: If you don't consider yourself to be an adequate photographer, hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your baby on their first birthday. Talk to different photographers about your expectations and the types of pictures you want. You could also ask for a list of recommendations or creative ideas that they've used in past baby photo shoots.
  • Different Poses: Make a list of different poses you would like to use for the 1st birthday photo shoot. Some ideas are: face close-ups, sitting on a pile of pillows, crawling, holding your hand or napping. Try dressing your baby in different things like a diaper, onesie, shirt and pants and a fancier outfit like a dress or a suit. Once you have an idea of the types of 1st birthday pictures that you want, you can will be able to execute the pictures easily yourself or with the help of a professional photographer.

This may be an important photo shoot but you should also enjoy it and make it a fun event for the whole family.

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