How to Plan an Elmo Party

Elmo is a popular theme for a kid’s birthday party, especially for the little ones. Here are some helpful tips and ideas for hosting a fun-filled and memorable Elmo birthday party that everyone will enjoy:

  • Invitations: Send free Elmo invitations out to your guests to let them know the details of the party! Write a cute saying from Sesame Street on the invite like “Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away. You’re invited to Casey’s 2nd birthday!” or “Elmo says B is for Birthday!” Be sure to include any important details on the invitation like what to bring to the party and directions. Choose a design from the bright and colorful Sesame Street online invitations collection. 
    Free Elmo Birthday Party Online Invitation
  • Decorations: Decorate your Elmo party with bright red, blue, and yellow colors. Add Elmo and Sesame Street décor like balloons, streamers, posters, toys, and books. You can often purchase Elmo party supplies together in a party pack that comes with all of the decorations that you will need! Place a large Elmo stuffed animal as your table centerpiece and scatter colored alphabet magnets around the table.  
  • Food: Everyone knows that Elmo loves pizza, so that makes it the perfect lunch item for your Elmo birthday party menu! An Elmo cake is also great for dessert. Use food coloring to create a red elmo face on the cake. If you want a 3-dimensional Elmo cake, you can try making one yourself or contact a local bakery in your neighborhood. 
  • Games: Elmo coloring books are a great activity to keep kids entertained during the party. If the children are a little older, a block scavenger hunt is a great Elmo party idea. Just hide colored blocks throughout the room and have the children search for them. Once each child has found a block, they get a prize.
  • Party favors: There is no shortage of Elmo party favors to hand out after the party. They include Elmo stuffed animals, books, and stickers.

Kids will be tickled by this Elmo birthday party idea! To kickoff your party, begin by choosing your favorite free Elmo invitation design from the collection of beautiful Sesame Street online invitations on Punchbowl.


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