1st Birthday Games

Make your little one’s first birthday a party to remember with fun 1st birthday games and activities. One-year-olds are often too young and spontaneous to participate in games, but there are plenty of other fun activities to plan for them. Plan first birthday games for some of the older kids at the party to keep them entertained. The birthday kiddo can definitely try to join in on the games for 1st birthday party. The one-year-olds will love watching and taking everything in, too!

Try these first birthday games and activities:

  • Circle Time: Plan a circle time in place of 1st birthday party games for the little kids. Have the children and their parents sit on the floor in a circle. Set up mats so the babies have the option to either sit on their parents’ laps or on the mats. Select CDs, in advance of the party, with appropriate music. Pass around kid-friendly musical instruments, such as shaker eggs, that can easily fit into their hands and make pleasant noise. Have fun listening to music, singing, and playing instruments at the party with the kids.
  • Musical Chairs: Plan 1st birthday games for kids who are a bit older. Set up the same number of chairs as there are children. Play some music, and when the music stops, tell the kids to scurry to find a seat. That was the test run! Remove one chair to start the real musical chairs game. Play the music, and when it stops, tell the kids to find a seat. Whoever does not find a seat can sit on the side, watch the rest of the game, and help decide when to start and stop the music.
  • Parachute: Plan a parachute first birthday game or activity for the kids. Have the parents help the little kids. Open the parachute up, and place it on the ground, spread out in the shape of a circle. Play some music, hold on to the straps of the parachute, and wave the parachute up and down. Enjoy the parachute both sitting down and standing up. For extra fun, add soft, bouncy balls to the center of the parachute, and watch them fly up in the air when waving the parachute.

Enjoy these first birthday party games with family and friends, and make the party one to remember! Get started on organizing your 1st birthday celebration with free online invitations that are just perfect for this milestone occasion. 

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