Princess Themed 1st Birthday Cake

Planning a princess party for your little one’s first birthday party? First, send a Disney princess-themed invitation and then get started on the details. A princess themed cake is a fun and necessary part of the celebration and making a beautiful and decadent princess cake does not need to be a difficult task. Here are some easy ideas for how to decorate an elegant and impressive princess themed 1st birthday cake:
  • How to Make and Decorate a Castle Cake: Bake a cake in any flavor in a 9 x 13 pan following the directions on the box. Then, prepare a separate box of cake mix and divide it between two bread loaf pans. Once all three of the cakes have cooled, place the large cake on a serving tray to make the base. Cut the rounded tops off the smaller cakes. Stack the tops in the middle of the large cake base. Place the bottom pieces of the two smaller cakes on either side of the rounded top. These three cake pieces should form a u-shape. Next, take two sugar ice cream cones and place them on top of the castle tower. Frost the entire cake with vanilla frosting. Then, add some accents with pink and black frosting, gumdrops and sprinkles for the windows, doors and opverall architecture of the castle.
  • How to Make and Decorate a Crown Cake: Bake a 9 x13 cake in any flavor following the directions on the cake box. Use a sharp paring knife to trim the edges of the cake to make it into the shape of a crown (it may be helpful to print out a picture of a crown before doing this so that you can follow the shape of the picture). Frost the cake using pink frosting and outline the shape of the crown using red sprinkles, pink marshmallows and other candies. Be as creative or over-the-top as you want!
  • How to Make and Decorate a Cake for Busy Moms: Bake two 8-inch round cakes in any flavor following the directions on the cake box. Let the cakes cool. Use a sharp knife to cut the rounded tops off both cakes. Place the cakes one on top of the other with a layer of frosting in between. Frost the entire cake, including sides. Decorate the outside of the cake using sprinkles, frosting, and candy. 
  • Cake Toppers: One important feature for any style of a princess themed 1st birthday cake is the cake topper! One option is to get a large “1” candle for a more traditional cake topper. Or another idea for a princess cake is to place a beautiful princess crown or wand on top of the cake for your little girl keep as a memento of their first birthday celebration. 
Top off a day of celebrating your baby's first birthday with a princess cake and have fun watching her trying to eat her very first birthday treat. 
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