1st Birthday Gifts

A baby’s first birthday is an important occasion often celebrated with a party and baby's first birthday presents. There are many types of 1st birthday gifts that you can give depending on the child, your relationship with the family, and the usefulness of the gift itself.

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Here are a few types of gifts to get you thinking about first birthday present ideas:

Toys are always a favorite gift item for kids birthdays and one-year-old birthdays are no exception. Interactive toys are a wonderful 1st birthday gift idea, especially toys in bright colors, fun shapes, and that make noises. Colors and sounds such as chiming, crinkling, jingling, or musical sounds are excellent for infants and their development. You can't go wrong with toy of this kind as they will help the baby learn, move, and have fun! If the toddler toy aisle seems overwhelming, look for items that are specifically marked for "Ages 1-3."

Personalized Gifts
Personalized 1st birthday presents are also a great gift idea for one-year-olds. Items like photo albums or picture frames allow the parents to keep pictures and memories of the baby’s first years. Clothing or blankets with the baby’s name or initials are also good gifts for 1st birthday. Just remember, the more personal, the better. Have a nickname that only you call the baby? Have a t-shirt made with the name. You can also personalize items with the baby's birth date, initials, or even a photo!

Wish Lists & Gift Registries
Another idea is to check out the parents online wish lists. Many websites, like Amazon and Target, allow customers to build a running list of items that they want. Parents may have items for their one-year-old on their wish list. That will certainly make your job of choosing a 1st birthday gift much easier. In some cases, parents might even set up a gift registry for the party or specify gift ideas on their invitations. If that's the case, it is probably a good idea to stick to an item that you know they want. Kids often get bombarded with presents so parents may make a special effort to request a few items that they know they need so they don't end up with a lot of unnecessary gifts.

Alternatively, send parents an electronic gift card to Amazon or Target in a digital birthday card so they can pick the item they want or need the most. Browse sweet first birthday eCards and cute kids birthday eCards, personalize your favorite design, add a gift card, and send via text or email in minutes. 

Whatever you decide on for a first birthday gift, just make sure it will be useful for the parents to help their baby learn or that it will be something thoughtful to help remember this milestone birthday for their little one.
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