Spring Garden Party

Need a seasonal theme for your next get together? Make it a spring garden party! The spring season lends itself to so many party planning possibilities. Things like flowers, seasonal spring foods and bright colors will make planning fun and easy, from the decorations to the party menu. This theme is also ideal if you are hosting a spring garden wedding, bridal shower or baby shower. Here are some spring garden ideas to help you host the perfect seasonal soirée.

Garden party ideas

  • Location: The first step in planning your spring garden party is to pick a location. Use your own garden if it lends itself to entertaining. You can also consider renting a space at local greenhouse or restaurant with an outdoor garden space. Hosting the party in an actual garden provides a natural décor, which makes decorating easier.
  • Invitations:  When designing your spring garden invitations, think bright colors and floral patterns. Pick a color scheme of two to three colors so the invites look festive and chic. Be sure to include all of the important party details and send out the invites 3-4 weeks in advance so your guests have plenty of time to plan and RSVP.
  • Decorations: For your decorations, accent the natural décor without overpowering it. Cover your tables with a variety of brightly colored tablecloths or placemats. For centerpieces, put together brightly-colored flower arrangements in watering cans and use birdhouses as vases. If possible, try to include flowers that are found in the garden where the party is being hosted. Alternatively, you can display the fruits of the season in miniature flowerpots. For added ambiance, place paper lanterns around the space for after the sun sets.

Spring Garden Party

  • Party Food: Create a party menu with lots of light, fresh dishes to complement your party theme. Some seasonal ingredients to include in your dishes are: basil, cilantro, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, blueberries, asparagus, lemon, grapefruit, arugula and zucchini.  Also consider serving a seasonal signature drink such as a strawberry mojito, a lemon-basil martini or a mixed berry smoothie.

Spring Garden Party

  • Party Favors: For party favors, give each guest an empty pot filled with two packets of flower seeds and a pair of gardening gloves. This is a fun and unique favor that will encourage all of your guests to start their own gardens at home.

Use your imagination when thinking of spring garden party ideas and enjoy the outdoors!

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