May Holidays

Just looking at the calendar, May is one of the busiest months of the year. In addition to major holidays like Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, there are a number of other holidays and events definitely worth celebrating. The rising temperature and warm weather also makes it a great time to grab all of your friends for a springtime shindig. What other, less-appreciated events and holidays can you look forward to during the month?

  • The Kentucky Derby is a great sporting event surrounded by excited buzz each year. Join in on the fun by hosting a horse racing-themed party. Unique ideas for this party are to incorporate traditional festivities or ask your guests to dress in party attire as if they were attending the races. If you happen to miss the Kentucky Derby, don't worry, because the Preakness follows later in the month.
  • There will also be fiestas around the globe as people celebrate Cinco de Mayo (May 5th - of course). It is the perfect opportunity to enjoy some delicious Mexican food, music and maybe even hit a pinata or two!
  • Don’t forget to send a thoughtful eCard to your favorite teacher in honor of National Teacher’s Day, celebrated on the Tuesday of the first full week in May. Teachers do so much yet are often underpaid and taken for granted. An digital greeting card is a nice way to show your appreciation.
  • The list above doesn’t even represent one of the biggest reasons to celebrate in May and that’s graduation! With students graduating from preschools, high schools, college, and graduate school during the months of May and June, it’s easy to see why your weekends get so jam-packed. Celebrate these great accomplishments by honoring a deserving student. You can find ideas for invitations, menus, decorations, gifts, and more in Punchbowl's graduation party planning section.

Take advantage of all of the wonderful occasions in May and invite others to join you in celebrating!

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