5 Tips for Office Holiday Party Planning

 Every year around the holidays, businesses throw an office holiday party to show their appreciation and to give everyone the opportunity to relax and celebrate. It's often hard to find time and money for office holiday party planning. That's where this list of office holiday party ideas comes in! If you've been asked to organize a holiday party for work, don't stress. A holiday party doesn't have to be expensive or over-the-top. Use some unique, special ideas to make the party special and to show employees that work isn't all about, well, work.
 Get inspired by these company holiday party ideas:
  •  Throw the party at the office, but bring in a food cart or caterer to set up a fun taco or sushi bar. Alternatively, you can rent out an atrium or public space like a library for a unique venue idea.
  •  Make it a costume party! Have everyone dress up in 70's clothes, as their favorite movie character, or make it a masquerade ball.
  •  Revolve the party around a special cause or charity. Set up a raffle or fundraiser for the cause and do some good!
  •  Corporate holiday parties can be boring. Bring in an 80's band or DJ and make it a dance party.
  •  Spend the day at a Christmas tree farm or fruit-picking orchard.
 Planning company holiday parties should be a collaborative event, so involve as many people as are interested. Create sub-groups to handle food, decorations, the venue, and the budget, so all the work won't end up on your shoulders.
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