How to Set Up a Super Bowl Pool

There are many people who treat the Super Bowl like it is a national holiday. They dress in their team’s colors and jerseys and go all out with Super Bowl celebrations. A great way to bring the excitement of the Super Bowl to your office or Super Bowl party is to set up a Super Bowl pool! Whether you're are going to try a Super Bowl pool at work or at home, you'll just need to make sure you've got it ready to go by game time.

Click on the image below to download a Punchbowl Super Squares Template and read on for instructions on how to set up your Super Bowl pool.

pool.jpeg 104.69 KB

 Here are some easy directions to follow to organize your Super Bowl pool:  

  1.  If you'd like to make your own pool template, get some poster board, marker, and a ruler. If you want to download and print the Punchbowl pool template, skip to step 4!
  2.  Make a 10 by 10 grid on the poster, so that you will have 100 square blocks across the board. Be sure to leave room around edges of the board to write numbers and words.
  3.  Write the numbers 0 through 9 along the left side of the grid next to each square. Write the numbers 0 through 9 across the top above each square.
  4.  Write one Super Bowl team’s name across the top of the grid and the other team name along the side of the grid.
  5.  Assign a dollar value to each of the squares that will suit everyone’s tastes and budgets. For example, one square could be worth $1, so it will be a $100 payoff to whoever wins the pool because there are 100 squares.
  6.  Have each person guess what they think the score of the Super Bowl game will be, and they can purchase that square to win the pool. For example, if they think the score will be 3-9, then they can purchase that square in the grid. A person can buy as many squares as they want – it’s best to try to use all of the squares.
  7.  Write the initials of the buyer in the square that they purchase.
  8.  Once you’ve sold all of your squares to your guests, decide on a payout schedule. For example, you could give 10% of the total pool for the correct 1st quarter score, 10% for the correct halftime score, 10% for the correct 3rd quarter score, and 70% for the correct final score. If your Super Bowl pool is with your coworkers, it may be easier just to do a final score payout when you get back to work on Monday.
  9.  Match the last digit of the team’s final score with the grid to determine the winner. For example, if the score is 21-14, then match up the 1-4 with the correct teams on the grid to decide who gets the payout.

Now send the invitations to your Super Bowl party and get ready to enjoy the game. Best of luck in the pool! 
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