Super Bowl Outfit Ideas

For sports fanatics everywhere, Super Bowl Sunday is a major day to sit back, watch the game and celebrate! It's a great occasion to gather together with yummy food and drinks and watch the game on television. Whether you love football, the commercials, or the half-time show the most, you’ll want to look the part with Super Bowl fashion that shows off your spirit for your favorite team. Take a look below for some Super Bowl outfit ideas.

A basic idea for putting together Super Bowl outfits is to dress in your team’s colors. Look through your closet. You may already have many pieces that will work! For a dressed up, but still laid back look, try pairing a slouchy, sequined top with boyfriend jeans and high platform heels. In the place of eye black, use a streak of shimmery eyeshadow instead.
A more casual option can be pulled together with a comfy tee, slim-cut jeans, ballet flats and a few fun bangles. Spice it up with a coat of brightly colored nail polish that matches your team’s uniforms. If you’re a neutral player and don’t find yourself rooting for either side, dress in both teams’ colors (as long as they don’t clash!) or find a common hue that will apply to either competitor.

Of course, a classic Super Bowl costume is a jeans and team jersey combo. Pick your favorite player to represent and show off his name and number on the back of the shirt by tying long hair up into a ponytail for a sporty/athletic vibe. If you’re borrowing a jersey a few sizes too big for you, balance out the volume with leggings or skinny jeans.

To amp up any Super Bowl outfit, head to the accessories zone. Some easy ways to add a little bit of color are with scarves, socks, jewelry, and hats. Keep it fun and stylish! To stay with the tone of the day, this is probably one occasion when it is better to be a bit underdressed than overdressed. Remember to pick an outfit that you will find comfortable so you can enjoy watching the game and eating lots of delicious snacks at your Super Bowl party.
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