Cinderella Birthday Party

Plan the perfect Cinderella birthday party for your little princess! Treat all of the children like guests at a royal ball. Introduce the kids as “Prince Ethan” and “Princess Savannah” as they arrive at the party. For your fairytale festivity, incorporate Cinderella party ideas into all of the details including favors, games, and decorations.

Cinderella Birthday Party

Plan your royal event with these Cinderella birthday party ideas:

  • Decorations: Cinderella party decorations will bring the Cinderella theme to life. Decorate the chairs as thrones with red and gold fabric. Drape white, pink, and blue chiffon material on the walls. Roll out a red carpet when guests enter the “castle.” Purchase decorations such as white tablecloths, blue plates, napkins, cups, and cutlery. And don't forget  the glass slipper centerpieces! Purchase Cinderella-themed party decorations at Punchbowl's Shopping Aisle too!


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  • Games: Ensure a fun time is had by all with Cinderella party games. Play the Fairy Godmother game. Ask one of the adults to dress up as the Fairy Godmother and hand out special boxes to all of the kids at the party. Place princess dress up costumes in the boxes for the girls and prince dress up costumes in the boxes for the boys. For a simple approach, fill the boxes with items like tiaras, crowns, gloves, necklaces, and bracelets. For a more elaborate approach, provide dress up ball gowns, suit jackets, pants, and a belt. Ask all of the kids to dress up and play Royal Ballroom Freeze Dance. Play music in the background and instruct the kids to “freeze” when the music stops. Award prizes to the winners of the freeze dance game.
  • Favors: Distribute Cinderella party favors as guests bid the birthday girl farewell. Fill Cinderella themed goody bags with favors such as prince and princess rubber bracelets, stickers, magic wands, stick-on earrings, and fruit snacks. A fun alternative to goody bags is a “Make Your Own Tiara or Crown” kit. Supply tiaras, crowns, and decorations such as gems, sequins, ribbon, and sparkles. Set aside time at the party to decorate or send the children home with the supplies.

For the crowning glory, rent a blow-up castle from a local party supply store or hire a local petting zoo to provide pony rides. Enjoy the Cinderella party and don’t forget to polish your glass slippers!

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