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Lon Cerel dazzles audiences with his astonishing mental abilities and astute penetrating intuitive skills. Entertaining with comedy and wit, Lon uses his five natural senses to create the illusion of a sixth, revealing information that is known only to his spectators.

Not unlike Sherlock Holmes, Lon uses verbal and non-verbal communication, psychology, and deductive reasoning to capture other people's thoughts. Mentalist Lon Cerel promises to deliver a fun and enthralling entertainment experience, laced with laughter & gasps of amazement! Lon is guaranteed to confound with demonstrations of "EXTRA-SENSORY DECEPTION!"

LON CEREL is a keen combination of performer – comedian, magician and student of human behavior. As an entertainer, he has been astounding audiences with skill, wit, and a love of his craft for more than 30 years. He has entertained everywhere, from comedy clubs and Club Med resorts, to country clubs and state fairs from Atlanta to Nova Scotia.

The "Thief of Thoughts," has been called the consummate entertainer. His performances are filled with energy, punctuated by unexpected bursts of contagious laughter! Whatever the occasion, his amazing talent delights, mystifies, confounds, and leaves you breathless

LON CEREL splits you with laughter, demonstrates the impossible, and most of all, fills you with a sense of lasting wonder.

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