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Since 2010, Pour Me Bartending has crept, crawled, and scratched its way through and passed the watered down remnants of the general dime-a-dozen competition. The quality and service provided by our fully licensed, TIPS Certified and most IMPORTANTLY, fun, vibrant, and responsible bartenders are hands down, second to absolutely NONE.

Pour Me Bartending provides professionally-trained staff that have a minimum of 5 years of experience and we provide a personal and FREE consultation prior to your events date in order to make sure you are not only knowing the logistics and part of the fully customizable drink menu specifically for your event, but you will be able to get to know us and get an idea of the personality of our staff for your event because no one likes the feeling of going on a blind date.

Exceptional service is what we here at Pour Me Bartending take the upmost pride in because a great smile and wicked personality reflects directly to the mood around us. And since we are live and in person, we promise that you will feel that vibrancy as well.

We cater to large and small events, and wouldn’t you believe it… mediums ones as well! It doesn’t even stop on the New Hampshire border either. We have cars, so crossing over into the rest of the New England area won’t be a problem either, so don’t let the Old Man of the Mountain scare you! We can hang out with Paul Revere in Boston, jam with Phish in Vermont, and share a lobster in Maine and beyond.

Our Bartender(s) always arrive at least one hour prior to the event start time for setup as well as having enough time to tailor up any last minute things you may need. The setup includes custom garnish prep, getting the beer, wine & champagne on ice, as well as any other services you will need that day. Of course after the event is over we always stick around for as long as it takes to make sure we clean up and bring the temporary work area back to how it was prior to us showing up.

In conclusion, in its simplest of terms, we here at Pour Me Bartending hope you choose us as your one stop shop for your bartending and beverage service needs. Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon!


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