Speaker/Author/Public Advocate

Accokeek, MD 20607



(A) Congressional Assistance at Your Fingertips: How to get the help you need when The System fails you. Hands-on knowledge shared on News Talk-Radio One, Blog Talk Internet Radio, Comcast Newsmakers, (Comcast video clip on YouTube). Have helped so many get the benefits or employee rights that were wrongly denied (Disability Retirement, Unjust Terminations/Unemployment Comp and much more).

(B) Motivational/Inspirational: Rising From the Ashes. Author, "Echoes From Your Past: Vision For Your Future" In other words, This Ain't That - one is not the other.

How to reach a new perspective on your circumstance, surviving your Valley Experience, the victory challenge in 6 Steps (3 clues - Rewind - Reflect the What and Why, Restore, Retool). Understand that it's NOT what happened to you - it's what you learn from it and how you deal with it that turns your tide. The good/the bad AND the ugly all serve as learning curves and sharpening irons that prepare you for the next dimension in your Life Journey.

Don't dismay at those who walked away or what failed. They were not in your life for the long haul. Their role was for a Season. Life is a Book with Chapters and Pages representing Seasons. After the dust settles, Turn the Page! Your Future is waiting for you!

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