Create Connect Jewelry

130 E Marion Ave. PO Box 510123

Punta Gorda, FL 33950


Host a ONE-OF-A-KIND party for YOUR one-of-a-kind! Ages 6 to 100.

Create Connect Jewelry™ is an award winning DIY Jewelry Venue. From my Award winning Studio NOW to your home or business. Recently I relocated to Charlotte/Lee County area an currently offer a mobile program as I look for a new Create Connect Studio™ location! With my mobile program I will bring everything to your home, business or party place.

Create Connect Jewelry™ is a interactive jewelry event where women and girl's (men and boys too...) of all ages get together to discover and share their creativity. To Create and Connect. (Other DIY projects available for boys.) Additional DIY projects available where jewelry is not a preference.

My award winning birthday party features my proprietary original jewelry making concept that helps build creative confidence. Featured on NBC, CBS, news media and IN Business Magazine.

For my DIY Girl’s Birthday Party event (Ages 6 and up) the GIRLS ARE THE JEWELRY DESIGNERS. They create jewelry with CC3™ clay and proprietary jewelry pieces. Over 50 colors. They can add patterns, initials and sparkles. (OHHHHH SPARKLES!) I start with a brief demo, then everyone works independently while they CREATE and CONNECT. They sing, create and converse with each other. The jewelry cures for 30 minutes while you supply the cake, treats and open gifts. At the end of the party - 2 hours - Everyone takes their jewelry home... and a one-of-a-kind creative experience! Positive creative experiences build confidence in girl's and young women to try other creative projects in the future. Choose from over 20 high quality jewelry styles to complete with CC3™ jewelry clay in the latest styles and colors for girls ages 6-17. Over 100 styles for adults. Prices for Girls venues start are $16-$22 per guest. Ladies $22 and up.

Anyone ages and 6 and older can create custom jewelry that reflects your individual style. You're TOO special to look like anyone else.® Create Jewelry with our Jewelry clays in YOUR COLOR, YOUR STYLE for YOUR STATEMENT!™

For Bridal Showers, Corporate events and Ladies events, you choose to all make the same item, or choose ahead from a pre-planned selection. Host at your home, club house, local bar or wine place of business. Prices are $22-$45 per guest.

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