What To Wear to a 70s Theme Party

Get ready, get set, get groovy! A 70s theme party is a great way to let loose and have some fun.The next question, of course, is what to wear to a 70s themed party? Costumes for the 70s range from bell bottoms to wide collars to beaded sweaters. Seek inspiration from Saturday Night Fever to Charlie’s Angels to go-go girl.

  • Saturday Night Fever: Purchase a gold or silver sequin shirt for your 70s outfit. Another option is a disco style shirt that contains a variety of colors mixed together. Pair the flashy shirt with black bell bottom pants and gold frame sunglasses. Purchase a wig, or use a pick or comb to “tease” your hair. Place a mood ring on your finger for added 70s appeal.
  • Charlie’s Angels: Will you be traveling in a group of three? If so, have the members of the group dress as Charlie’s Angels for their 70s costumes. A halter top is a superb choice for one Angel. A dress with an empire waste and a shirt with bellbottom sleeves are fine choices for the other Angels. Part your hair down the middle, and use a round brush to blow dry the ends towards the back of your head. Use a curling iron for extra assistance getting your hairdo just right.
  • Go-go Girl: Wear a short, sequin 70s dress in silver or gold. Slip white, high heel go-go boots on your feet. Disco ball earrings add to the 70s disco fashion. A one-piece spandex ensemble with bellbottom sleeves and bellbottom pant legs makes for another stellar option.
Play music by the Bee Gees while dressing in 70s party costumes. This is a requirement for mustering up the energy to boogie all night long!
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