Traditional Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is approaching and what better way to celebrate than with a traditional Easter egg hunt! Dyeing eggs and hosting an Easter egg hunt is a tradition that often gets passed through the generations (especially the dyeing of the eggs).
However, what the kids look forward to even more than dying the eggs is the actual Easter egg hunt. Get ready for your Easter egg hunt by sending online invitations designed specifically for the occasion.  Let guests know if they need to bring their own baskets or if they will be provided (providing them for guests is a nice touch), and if there's anything else they need to know.
Then, you can go to town preparing your Easter egg hunt. Here are a few steps to get started:
  • Prepare the baskets: If you plan to provide Easter baskets for the guests, decorate them for each guest. For an extra special touch, personalize the baskets with the guests' names and different colors, accents, etc.
  • Prepare the eggs: Purchase colorful plastic eggs & lots of candy (chocolate, jelly beans, etc) to put inside the plastic eggs. Make sure the eggs are filled with candy, small toys, or funny notes, then hide them. It's a good idea to hide them in spots of varying difficulty to find.
  • Set boundaries: Set the boundaries for your hunt--indoors or outdoors? Maybe both? Obviously the weather may play a role. When guests come to the Easter egg hunt, you don't want them searching in areas that are off limits, like your bedroom, perhaps?
It's also fun to include a few of the hand-dyed eggs in the hunt. For those guests who find the special dyed eggs goes a very special prize at the end (maybe a toy or gift card)!
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