Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving

 Give thanks, save the big calories for the December holidays, and celebrate a healthy Thanksgiving this year. Even though this holiday is all about feasting on over-the-top dishes, with a few helpful tips you can easily make your Thanksgiving healthy. Here are some ways you can find healthy Thanksgiving recipes and enjoy everything in moderation.
 Chow down on these tips for a healthy Thanksgiving:
  • Exercise: Exercise both before and after your Thanksgiving meal. Take the family out for a nice Thanksgiving walk, get some fresh air, and burn off Thanksgiving calories. Getting out and about between dinner and dessert will make sure everyone has room for pie without feeling too stuffed.
  • Substitutes: Use sugar substitutes instead of sugar, margarine instead of butter, and yogurt instead of sour cream. Serve sugar free coffee cake and apple pie for dessert. Top it with sugar free yogurt instead of ice cream.
  • Eat slowly: It is much better for your metabolism to eat slowly and take small bites. Plus, if you take your time when you chew your food, it’ll last longer!
  • Alcohol: Reduce your caloric intake and go easy on the alcohol. Try water, watered down fruit juice, or seltzer water with a lime wheel in place of alcoholic beverages.
  • Gravy: Skip the gravy this year, or opt for a reduced fat option.
  • Portion control: Keep track of the food on your plate. Eat in moderation and use portion control. Skip the option for seconds. There will be plenty of leftovers to enjoy in the days to come. Take advantage of the opportunity to try a little bit of everything, but limit your portion to a heaping tablespoon rather than several spoonfuls.
  • Healthy Thanksgiving recipes: Skip the sweet potato casserole made with the margarine, brown sugar, and marshmallows. Serve baked sweet potatoes instead. Top them with a sprinkle of cinnamon, brown sugar, and a spritz of low calorie butter spray. They’re plenty sweet just on their own! Instead of pie, consider heaping bowls of fruit salad.
 Follow tips for a healthy turkey day and enjoy a Thanksgiving without the guilt!
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