Sweet 16 Spa Party

Need to plan a sweet sixteen party for your princess? With a little planning and creativity, you can throw a terrific sweet 16 party that she'll love! And what girl doesn't love the spa? Here are some ideas for how to host a spa party for your daughter's sweet sixteen!

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  • Make the party a sleepover. You can't rush pampering. Getting beautiful and relaxed can take a while. That's why a sleepover party is ideal. It will give the girls time to let their nails dry, for those face masks to sink in, and the get their beauty sleep!

  • Send spa-themed invites. Let the girls know that they are being invited to a very special new spa in town — the one you're going to create at your house (or maybe get a hotel room for the night). All they need to bring is their PJs, but let them know that they can also bring any products of their own that they want to share with the other girls such as nail polish, face masks, etc.

  • Set up your spa. For teenage girls, the main things you'll want to get for the party are manicure and pedicure sets (buffers, nail files, cuticle oil, and different shades of polish), nice smelling facial masks, and some candles to set the scene. Feeling creative? Why not try making a homemade face mask. Don't forget to have elastic headbands for the girls to keep their hair off their faces when the masks are drying. 

  • Make-up artist optional. If you want to splurge a little bit, you can hire a makeup artist to come and show the girls how to apply makeup (in a tasteful and age-appropriate way, of course). You may even be able to find someone who is finishing up cosmetology school that would be willing to come for a discounted rate.

  • Morning Yoga and Smoothies. After a night of pampering, there's nothing you want more than to keep that good feeling going well into the next day. Start the girls off with some light morning yoga. Pop in a yoga DVD or do yoga on the Wii. After the girls are done, have fruit smoothies read for them.
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