Super Bowl Party Idea: Super Beer!

The Super Bowl means different things to everyone. For some, it's a chance to watch the two best teams in football battle head-to-head for the national championship. For others, it's a chance to check out cute athletes in tight uniforms. For a vast majority, it's about drinking beer with good friends.

Why not indulge your inner beer-lover with a Super Beer party this Super Bowl Sunday?

Getting started is easy—first head over to Punchbowl to kick off your party planning the right way. Start by choosing a beer-inspired digital invitation to invite guests. Here are some examples of beer themed designs:


Once you've selected an invitation, use the Potluck list to allow guests to sign up to bring their favorite beer. You can also use the Punchbowl message board feature to ask your guests for suggestions on which beers they'd like to sample.
Super Bowl Party Idea: Super Beer!

Prepare small note cards with a list of each beer being sampled. As you take your guests' coats at the door, hand them a tally card and encourage them to try each beer throughout the game. (Check out these beer tasting tips as a great way to get started evaluating the beer being sampled.)

In the celebratory end-of-game period (or as a pick-me-up for a group of defeated fans), announce the winner of your Super Beer contest.

Bonus--you'll all be the real winners for having gotten to try so many delicious beers all night.

Bottoms up and have a great Super Beer party!


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