Super Bowl Party Favors

 On the hunt for a quick, easy and fun party favor to hand your guests as they walk in the door for your Super Bowl party this year? A great ideas for your Super Bowl party favors is homemade penalty flags!

penalty-flag-party-favor.jpg 278.89 KB

 Here's how to get started:
  1.  Head to a local craft store and buy several yards of bright yellow fabric. You'll also need some sand and several rubber bands.
  2.  Cut the fabric into pieces that are about one square foot in size and scoop enough sand into the center of each so when you gather the fabric around it, the sand creates a lump about the size of a golf ball.
  3.  Secure the sand by wrapping a rubber band around it, and you've got a penalty flag for each guest to throw when they spot a bad call or a penalty.
 You can hand them out to guests as they enter the party, or you can have them set out on a table for guests to pick up. Avid football fans will immediately know what they are, however, less loyal football fans might need some explanation. If you put the penalty flags on a table, include a little sign that lets guests know what they are and how to use them during the party!
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