Super Bowl Party Attire: What to Wear?

If you want to take your Super Bowl party planning to the next level, incorporate fun costumes and outfits. Team uniforms, referee shirts, and cheerleaders will make any party atmosphere fun and relaxed. Here's more detail on each one:

  • Team Jerseys: Encourage guests to wear team jerseys. Most people have some kind of team jersey at home, even if it's not the jersey of the teams in the big game. If guests don't have jerseys, team t-shirts and hats are a good back-up.
  • Referee: Whenever you have two sides of anything, you need a referee. A referee outfit is ideal for the party host since the host is the master of ceremonies and the one who's running the show. The host might also need to pull out a penalty flag if the party gets too rowdy. Why not look the part?
  • Cheerleaders: For the ladies at the party, there’s always the cheerleader route. Dig out an old cheerleader uniform, get one online, or pull together your own cheerleader outfit with a short skirt and cute top in your team's colors. 
  • Coach: Football coaches often have a style all to their own. Whether it's a team jacket, sweater vest, or sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off, just watch some video clips of past games to nail your favorite coach's look! 
  • Team Colors: If you don't think your guests will be interested in dressing up for the party, go with a simple color scheme. For example, have guests come wearing green and white, black and gold, or whatever colors you decide based on the teams.


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