Spring Tea Party Ideas

Brainstorm spectacular spring tea party ideas and invite friends over to enjoy the fruits of your labor! Traditional tea parties started back many years ago and are a favorite English pastime. You can honor the tradition and request that those who attend wear proper attire such as dresses and fancy hats, or go the opposite route and have everyone show up in their comfiest weekend lounge wear!

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Below are some spring tea party ideas to help inspire your party planning!


The location and atmosphere of the tea party plays a large factor in the success of the event. A garden containing fresh spring flowers and welcoming benches make a great setting for tea time. Hang wind chimes in surrounding trees as well. If a garden setting is not possible, plan the tea party in a local park, fancy restaurant, or formal dining room.  

Spring Tea Party Invitations

Once you have a location and date picked, set the stage for your event with gorgeous spring tea party invitations. Customize your favorite tea party invitation including the postage stamp, envelope liner, and rubber stamp then send by text or email instantly. 


Because tea is the theme of your party, be sure to offer your guests a variety of tea options. Purchase boxes of tea from a gourmet tea shop in your area. Search for flavors such as chamomile, earl gray, English breakfast, lemon, mint, peach, raspberry and vanilla. Offer sugar cubes in sugar bowls with tongs. Lemon wedges on a plate with a small fork are also appropriate. Serve milk in a traditional creamer cup. Honey spoons are also a great addition.

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Light refreshments are perfect to accompany tea at a spring tea party. Finger sandwiches with deli meats make delicious refreshments. For a sweet treat, serve cookies, scones, and mini muffins.

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Spring tea party decorations help to set the ambiance of the occasion. As the host of the tea party, you have the freedom to tweak the decorations to your taste and liking. However, traditional spring tea party décor is typically light, calming and easy on the eyes of guests. Begin by spreading a table cloth to cover each table. Light colored table cloths and napkins, such as off white or light pink, are perfect selections. Next, place floral china on the tables. Include tea cups, saucers and small plates for refreshments. Fresh flower arrangements or candelabras make for appropriate centerpieces for the tables. 

A spring-themed tea party is such a fun way to celebrate with friends and it's also a great idea for little girls as the school year nears the end. Ready to plan your own spring celebration? Get started with free online invitations!

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