Super Bowl Party Decorations

 Super Bowl party decorations and favors are an important part of the any championship party. To help create a fun atmosphere where your guests can scream, shout, and yell at the excitement of the game, use some of these decoration ideas!
  • Team Colors: For the color scheme of the party, use your favorite team’s colors throughout the party. Incorporate team colors into balloons, streamers, plates, napkins, and plates. You can even use the colors to make "Go team!" signs and posters for your party.
  • Football Vase: Another idea for your Super Bowl party is chic, contemporary vases! Pick up some small glass footballs and carefully place them into cylinder vases. Intertwine white Christmas lights through the vase in between the footballs. Place the vases throughout the room or set them up as your table centerpieces!
  • Table Runners: If you are feeling creative, homemade table runners are fantastic decorations for a Super Bowl party. Buy felt in your favorite team’s colors. Cut one of the pieces of felt 12 inches wide by the length of your table. Then, cut the short ends to a rounded, half-circle shape. Sketch out the team logo or Super Bowl circle emblem that you want to put on the table runner. While using the other colors of felt, cut the material into your desired image and pin it to the table runner. By pinning it, you will be able to reuse the runner and replace the logo with a different Super Bowl team each year!      
  • Custom Pillows: Another great Super Bowl party decoration idea is team jersey throw pillows. Purchase some children’s size football jerseys or t-shirts from a local retail store. Cut and sew the fabric of the jersey so that it will be the perfect size for your couch throw pillows. These fun and festive pillows will also help protect your house in case the referees make any bad calls during the game. Your guests will be able to throw the pillows to express their frustration!!
  • Decorate Your Drinks: Impress your guests by serving their drinks with football-shaped ice cubes! These can be purchased in your team’s colors and you can even purchase some that light up! Other ways to incorporate some pizazz into your refreshments is to serve them in light-up pitchers, mugs, and glasses. You can also get coasters or koozies with your team’s logo on it. These double as great party favors!
BONUS IDEA: Create a fun party atmosphere right from the start of your party. Make penalty flag party favors for guests to pick up at the start of the party. Then, when there's a questionable call or illegal play, guests can throw down their own penalty flags. Set up a table near the door and set out your penalty flags. Follow these steps to make your own penalty flags!
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