Office Holiday Party Games

 Office holiday party games are a great way to bring coworkers together for a little fun and relaxation. Break away from the normal workplace atmosphere at your next get together with these office holiday party game ideas. Your boss will thank you!
 Here’s a list of holiday office party games to try:
  • Funny Employee Awards: Recognize your coworkers for their achievements this year—sincere or silly! Was there one person who always made the coffee in the morning or who used up all the printer paper every time? Create certificates to present during a mini ceremony and present each person with a funny gag gift to commemorate the award. You can also ask other coworkers for nominations or suggestions if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for each person.
  • Secret Santa: If you’re looking for office Christmas party games, this is a classic. Draw names a week or two before your party and set a schedule for Secret Santa. For example, on Monday each person can give a Christmas card to their recipient. The next day, have coworkers bring in an edible treat, and on Wednesday have them drop a clue about their identity. Thursday can be a useful object for their desk and Friday can be the final gift. Set a limit on spending if you wish. Here are some additional Secret Santa suggestions.
  • Trivia: Test your knowledge about your coworkers’ unique habits, interests, and quirks. You can break into teams for a trivia competition or use one of the following versions of these holiday games for the office. Set up a scavenger hunt where each person has a checklist of different traits (such as “more than 3 siblings” or “born in another country”) that they must find another coworker to fulfill. Another option is to simply share as a group “two truths and a lie” and have others guess which items are true and which is false. You may be surprised by what you find out!
 When selecting holiday party games for office celebrations, keep them appropriate and lighthearted. You deserve some time off from your job, but nobody wants to be too embarrassed to show up the next day. Instead, find company holiday party games that can be enjoyable and memorable for everyone.
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