Office Christmas Gift Ideas

Earn some big brownie points this holiday season with fantastic office Christmas gift ideas. Plan to purchase office Christmas gifts for colleagues, employees, coworkers, and, of course, the boss. Be selective and choose appropriate Christmas gifts for the office.
Great ideas for company Christmas gifts include:
  • Company to company: Purchase Christmas office gifts to give from company to company. Company to company gifts include gifts to clients, vendors, suppliers, and any other business partnership you may have. Use conservative, professional taste, and purchase neutral gifts to suit any personality type. 
    • Send a fruit basket filled with sweet apples, pears, oranges, bananas, and kiwis.
    • Deliver a delicious cookie and brownie arrangement with a variety of different flavors. Include oatmeal, chocolate chip, and cranberry cookies with white chocolate.
    • Purchase a group of tickets to a football game. Complement the tickets with home team sweatshirts and hats.
  • Gifts for employees: Search for employee Christmas gifts to wow the crowd. Buy the same generic item for everyone, or spend extra time and effort to select a slight variation of the gift for each employee. 
    • Order personalized desk clocks for all employees. Include the company name, the date, and the name of the recipient.
    • Purchase gift cards to a local restaurant, and treat the employees to a delicious lunch or dinner.
    • Select vests or jackets from a catalog, website, or local store, and have them personalized with the company’s name. Check with employees first about their specific sizes, or order a variety of different size options.
  • Gifts for coworkers: Go shopping for corporate Christmas gifts for coworkers. Make a list of the necessary coworkers Christmas gifts in advance. 
    • Treat your coworkers to bottles of wine for the holidays. Place the bottles in wine gift bags.
    • Visit your local nursery, and purchase plants for your coworkers. Consider a Christmas cactus or a piece of bamboo. Put the bamboo in a small glass vase, and surround it with marbles or glass stones.
    • Purchase gift cards to a local grocery store, or even a gas card.
  • Gifts for boss: Assess your relationship with your boss, along with his or her likes and dislikes in order to select the best Christmas gift for the boss. Select Christmas gifts for your boss that reflect his or her personality, and presents that are either work or hobby related. 
    • Select a pen for your boss, and personalize it with his or her initials. Make your selection based on your budget, and your boss’ taste and style.
    • Treat your boss to a personalized desk business card holder for the holidays. Make him or her feel like a VIP, and show your appreciation for working with such a fantastic mentor.
    • Treat your boss to a delicious basket of chocolates. Include everything from truffles, to boxes of chocolate, to chocolate covered pretzels and strawberries.
Clear out a section of your desk and keep a small stash of Christmas gifts for coworkers. Don’t get caught off guard! Be prepared  with Christmas gifts for the office, and have a gift ready to give in return. Planning the office Christmas party? Send one of our free Christmas party invites!
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