How to Start a Halloween BOOing Chain

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If you are in search of a creative way to celebrate Halloween this year from the comfort of your own home, consider starting a Halloween BOOing Chain. What is a Halloween BOOing Chain? You may know it by another name such as “ghosting” or “the phantom.” Think of it as a Halloween equivalent to Secret Santa. Usually played amongst neighbors or in workplaces, it is a fun and friendly way to not only spread a bit of that spooky Halloween spirit but to also encourage others to do the same! This year, you can BOO your friends and family virtually while still keeping a safe distance.

Here are the steps to organize a Halloween BOOing Chain amongst your friends and family: 
  • Personalize Cards: To start, personalize a “You’ve been BOO’d” digital card. You can include your own personal message or a fun holiday poem to the eCard. Include the name of the person that the recipient should “BOO” next. If you want to create several chains, send out two or three similar cards. 
  • Include Treats: Traditionally, in-person BOOing often involves leaving a special treat like a BOO bucket filled with candy and treats to go along with a card or poem. Fortunately, you can also include special “treats” inside a digital card! When you customize your digital Halloween eCard, include a digital gift card from a brand they’ll love like Disney, Panera Bread, Amazon or Apple! No need to go to the store and it only takes a few minutes. What’s a better treat than that! 
  • Send Cards Digitally: Email or text your personalized digital cards to friends and encourage your recipients to keep the BOO going by sending their own spooky Halloween eCards to more and more friends. This way numerous people will have received a bit of Halloween cheer that originated with you. 

A digital Halloween BOOing Chain is a fun and creative way to stay in touch with friends and family. Given how easy it is to create and send digital cards for Halloween (with or without special “treats”), this may just be a new Halloween tradition!  

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