Halloween Handprint Spider Craft

Looking for Halloween craft ideas for kids? Plan a fun Halloween handprint spider craft! This Halloween spider craft is simple and kid-friendly, and will make a wonderful addition to your festive decorations.

Follow these easy Halloween handprint craft instructions to learn how to make your spiders:

  1. To prepare for the handprint spider craft, make sure you have all of the supplies on hand, including black craft paint, paintbrushes, white card stock paper, glue, glitter, and googly eyes.
  2. The first step is to help your child cover one palm of his or her hand and four fingers with black paint. Make sure to omit the thumb. The four finger marks will represent the spider’s legs.
  3. The second step is to put the piece of white paper on your work surface (portrait/vertical orientation) in front of your child. Position your child’s hand with his or her palm in the center of the piece of paper. Make sure the fingers point upwards. Press down and make a handprint on the white paper.
  4. Next, turn the paper around so that the hand print is facing down. Again, use the black paint to paint one palm and four fingers, but omit the thumb. Overlap the palm print of the previous handprint. Make another handprint. There should now be four legs on either side of the spider’s body. Get a fresh piece of paper and repeat this process until you’ve created as many spiders as you’d like. Everyone should wash the paint off their hands before moving on to the next step.
  5. Now it’s time to decorate the spider! While the paint is still wet, add black glitter. Attach googly eyes with glue to the spider crafts, once the paint is dry.
  6. Base the level of difficulty on the age of the children. Plan easy spider crafts with simple decorations for kids of a young age group. For example, you can trace the kids’ handprints in advance to provide a guide. Plan more difficult Halloween handprint crafts for older kids. Spider craft ideas for older children can incorporate additional decorations such as sequins, ribbons, etc.
  7. Once the paint and glue have dried, cut out the spider, poke a small hole through the center and string it on a piece of black yarn. Hang the handprint spiders from room ceilings, windows, and walls
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