Planning A Thanksgiving Guest List

It’s your turn to host Thanksgiving this year, and you know you need to start your Thanksgiving planning in advance. One of the main considerations will be who to invite. Once you decide how many guests you can host at your celebration, it’s important to then plan for the adults vs. kids, and any overnight company you’ll be hosting.

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Here are a few things to think about when you plan who’s coming to Thanksgiving dinner:

  • Number of guests: Base the number of Thanksgiving guests on the amount of space you have in your house and your budget. Set a number limit for your guest list and then determine the list of names. Send a beautiful Thanksgiving invitation online to let everyone know the details of your event. Deliver instantly by text or email and easily gather RSVPs in minutes. Finally, keep your budget in mind while planning for Thanksgiving, and set aside a small slush fund in case you run over.

  • Adults: Plan a main table for the adults at your Thanksgiving dinner. Add additional seating and folding tables to extend the size of your serving area. Set up chairs for your guests along with table settings and seating cards. Seat yourself (the host or hostess) at the end of the table closest to the kitchen for easy access.

  • Kids: Set up a separate table for the kids at Thanksgiving. Tally the number of kids who will be in attendance and find out their ages. Set up a small, low table for young kids. Set up a separate table to mimic the adult table for older kids. Be sensitive to the fact that tweens and teens may not want to feel left out of the grown-up conversation. Seat the youngest children in high-chairs with their parents as they will probably need attention during the Thanksgiving meal. Check out these kids' Thanksgiving recipes for picky eaters. 

  • Overnight guests: Base accommodations for overnight guests on the amount of available space in your residence. Plan for pick-ups and drop-offs at the airport and any supplies you’ll need to accommodate their stay. Provide guests with bath towels and face towels. Plan sleeping arrangements ahead of time. Pull out sofa beds and air mattresses. Supply guests with pillows, sheets, and blankets. Ask guests if they need any additional items throughout their stay in your home.
Thinking through all the details as you plan your Thanksgiving guest list will make your life much less stressful once your company arrives. Enjoy the holiday with your family and friends!
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