Games for Girls Night

Looking for a fun alternative to your typical girls night? After you send your free online invitations, start planning fun party games for your celebration. Whether you're planning a girls night out, a girls night in, or a sleepover party, there are several girls night games that can help spice up your evening! 

Here are some girls night party games that will help you get to know your friends even better!

  • “Never Have I Ever:” This is a fun (but dangerous) girls night game to play with your girlfriends. This game can be planned in the comfort of your home or out at a restaurant or bar. For this game, everyone starts with three fingers raised. Have everyone go around the circle and finish the sentence “Never have I ever…” The purpose of this game is to find the most adventurous person so if someone says a statement and someone else in the room has done it, that person must put down one of their fingers. The last person with a finger raised is the winner!
  • “Who Am I:” This is a terrific game for a girls night. To play, have everyone write down the names of famous people and put the names into a hat. Have each person draw a name from the hat without looking at it. Then, have everyone tape the small piece of paper to their forehead so that other people can read the name but each person cannot see who they are. Next, each person takes a turn asking yes/no questions about their person to the group. Some examples of questions could be: “Am I alive?”, “Am I female?”, etc. The first person who is able to guess who their person is wins that round.
  • Scavenger Hunt: This is always a fun girls night out party game to play! A day or so before the big night out, make a list of all of the big landmarks, restaurants, or bars in your town. Then, try to come up with different clues for teams to try to find. Put all of the clues onto two separate lists. The lists can have a different order, but make sure that the final landmark is the same on both lists. Once everyone arrives at your house, split the girls into two teams. Make sure each of the teams has at least one camera so that they can take a picture at each landmark to document that they were there. Another fun twist for this scavenger hunt is that one girl must complete a dare at each of the stops. For example, a dare could be “Find a random guy and ask for his autograph.” The first team to reach the final landmark with the correct answers/photos wins the scavenger hunt!

Other popular games for a girls night include board games and card games, like bunco. Regardless of the games you choose to play during your girls night, remember that it's all about having fun!

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