Fundraiser Ideas for the Office

 Host a fundraiser at work for a great way to increase awareness for your favorite organization or help out a local charity in the community. Participate in some of the ideas below to engage employees and help out an organization in need. Make sure to run any group activities by your manager or boss, and then get planning!
Chili Cook-Off Contest: Employees pay a small fee to enter their best chili dish into an office-wide contest. Votes will be placed, as co-workers taste each chili and make their decision. The winning recipe gets a trophy or award – and your cause gets plenty of donations!
Embarrassing Baby Photos: Ask employees to bring in a funny photo of himself or herself as a child. Create ballots that have each photo and room to write in a name, and collect a fee to participate. Employees can submit their ballot with guesses of which employee is pictured in each photo. The person who guesses the most correctly wins a prize, and you end up with a fun way to contribute to your fundraising efforts!
Pink Ballerina For a Day: This fundraising activity is sure to bring in donations from fellow co-workers – and maybe raise an eyebrow or two! Bosses and managers are selected as the candidates and put on a ballot. Co-workers then pay to vote on who they would like to see wear a funny pink ballerina costume for the rest of the day! Candidates can also wager a higher donation to vote twice. Whoever has the most votes must wear the costume for an entire workday – and will win the satisfaction of knowing they raised money for a good cause.
Dress-Down Day: If you are in a managerial role, allow employees to pay $5 to dress in casual clothes at the office. Or, get permission from your boss to do so. This is great if you work in a very professional environment. However, if your office already has a casual dress code, rally co-workers to wear a certain color in support of your cause (Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness or a color that corresponds with a certain charity or nonprofit).
Hold a Talent Show: No doubt, many of your co-workers have hidden talents many don’t know about! Round up a good number of people who will agree to do a talent show performance one afternoon. Advertise the event around the office and charge for admission. Everyone wins in this activity!  
 Fundraise in the office to get involved in the community and help a great cause! Fun activities will engage employees so that everyone can have a good time.
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