Five Ways to Use a Witch's Cauldron

What’s one of the biggest Halloween icons? It’s not a person, it’s the witches cauldron! Halloween cauldrons can be found in almost any Halloween party store and people often buy them as Halloween decorations. However, people often don’t realize how versatile these large pots can be! This year, use your your witches cauldron in multiple ways.

Here are a few ideas for how to use a witches cauldron for Halloween this year:

  1. Punchbowl: For a Halloween party, use a plastic cauldron as a punchbowl. Need a punch recipe? Check out our Black Eye Punch.
  2. Halloween candy carrier: One useful way to use a Halloween witches cauldron is to hold candy for trick-or-treaters. Just fill your cauldron up with candy and bring it out to the door as guests arrive! You can also find small cauldrons with handles at party supply stores and give them to your kids for their own trick-or-treating adventures. This is a cute and spirited way to celebrate the holiday!
  3. Bobbing for apples: This is a fun way to use any large Halloween cauldron at a Halloween party. Put the cauldron on a table with some apples in “brew” (dyed water) and let the fun begin! Tell people to line up to bob for apples. Have fun prizes on hand like candy or Halloween CDs on hand.
  4. Fog machine holder: A good way to use a large witches cauldron for function and décor is to put a fog machine inside of it. Then, place the cauldron outside the door. This way, you can add a Halloween decoration in two ways—the cauldron and the fog!
  5. Music player: Use the cauldron as a way to disguise speakers that play Halloween sound effects or music outside your home as guests walk in. For Halloween sound effect suggestions, click here.

It’s plain to see that Halloween cauldrons have multiple uses! Make sure to utilize yours well this Halloween, as it’ll be the only time all year round that you get to use it (unless you’re a witch, of course!)

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