Festive July 4th Cakes

 Serve festive July 4th cakes to family and friends this Independence Day. A July 4th cake will be the focal point of your dessert menu and can double as a centerpiece for your party!
 Before you decide which cake to make for July 4th, determine the size of the cake you'll need based on the number of guests attending your July 4th celebration. You can also choose the flavor of the cake bases on guests’ preferences.

 Here are some July 4th cake recipes to try this year:
  • Star Cake: A patriotic star is a perfect design for a 4th of July cake. To start, bake a round white cake. Once the cake cools, frost it with white frosting. Purchase blueberries and raspberries to create a design on the cake. Place the raspberries along the edge of the cake to make a circular border. Use the blueberries to create a star in the center of the cake.
  • Flag Cake with Sparklers: Sparkler decorations are fantastic for 4th of July cakes. To start, bake a large round cake in your favorite flavor. Frost with red frosting, then use white frosting to make white stripes across the cake. Use blue frosting to create the area in the upper left corner for the stars. Purchase white star candies or use a cake decorating tool to make white stars on top of the blue frosting. Add the finishing touch (and focal point) by placing decorative sparklers on top of the cake. Light the sparklers when you're ready to serve to make a grand entrance!
  • Surprise Red, White and Blue Cake: A surprise red, white and blue cake is a spectacular and patriotic 4th of July cake recipe. To begin, make three round cakes. Bake one red cake, one white cake and one blue cake. Once the cakes have cooled, layer them on top of each other using white frosting to keep them in place. Frost the outside of the cake with white frosting. Use red frosting to create borders on the top and bottom of the cake. Write, “Happy 4th of July!,” on the top.
 Complement your July 4th cake with a delicious and mouth-watering dessert table. Include July 4th themed sugar cookies (that the kids can help decorate!), mini red velvet cupcakes, and fruit salad for those who want a healthy dessert option.
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