Never Too Early to Start Fall Party Planning

Prepare to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of the school year, and start your fall party planning now. Get some friends and family together, serve great food and enjoy fun activities before the days get shorter and outdoor barbeques are a thing of the past.

fall party

Ideas for planning fall parties:

  • Invitations: Take advantage of post-summer downtime and use one of the excellent fall party invitation templates on Select warm and colorful invitations for your fall party and include information such as the name of the event, date, time and location.
  • Decorations: Add festive, warm and colorful decorations to your fall party to-do checklist. When planning a fall party, decorate the residence or venue with traditional fall colors like red, yellow, orange and brown. Decorate with flowers, plants and vegetables (mums, pumpkins, squash, and leaves) and use scarecrows and pillar candles as accents.
  • Activities: Plan a fun activity to entertain guests while they mingle at your fall party. For the kids, draw a brown tree trunk and leave a large blank space at the top for the foliage. Give them small sponges and a variety of colored paint, and encourage them to paint leaves on the tree. As a fall activity for adults, make pine cone decorations for your front door. Collect a bunch of pine cones and have the guests add some color with acrylic paint. Use pliers and wire cutters to connect a copper ring to the top of each pine cone. Tie different length ribbons to the copper rings and hang from a nail on your front door.
  • Favors: Treat guests to fall party favors at the end of the celebration. Bake sugar cookies in the shapes of leaves, pumpkins or acorns. Frost the cookies with icing and add sugar sprinkles. Place the cookies in cellophane bags and tie ribbon to the top.

Planning a fall party before the end of summer will let you stop to enjoy the changing colors and the refreshingly cool weather once summer is over and the hectic holiday season begins. Enjoy your celebration!

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