Easter Table Decorations

With Easter comes the arrival of spring perennials; warmer, longer days; and the anticipation of summer. Use these inspirations as part of your Easter table decorations for your holiday celebration this year. Bring family and friends together for a yummy Easter brunch or early dinner and set an Easter table setting full of color and texture. Use fresh flowers, a combination of pastel colors and your best table setting for elegant Easter table decor. 

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Here are some different Easter table ideas to try this year: 

  • Table Settings: First, set your table with a tablecloth, table runner, and place mats. Try to use solid colors wherever possible to keep your table from looking too busy. Delight your guests with beautiful pastel colors like green, yellow, pink, and blue. Use festive napkin rings to reflect the season or wrap napkins around a hard boiled egg and form bunny ears like the image above.

  • Centerpiece: A lovely Easter table centerpiece idea is to paint a small tree branch white, then stick it to a foam craft ball to secure it. Place the foam ball into a festive Easter pail. Then, hang miniature glass Easter egg ornaments from the tree branches. Another Easter centerpiece idea is to get a large clear vase and fill it with your beautiful decorated Easter eggs. 
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  • Vases: Use a variety of vases in all different sizes to make a centerpiece for your table. Fill with fresh tulips or irises. 

  • Terrarium: Build a terrarium with mosses, ferns and pebbles from your garden. Decorate with plastic robins' eggs, pastel grasses and faux birds. Place in the center of the table for everyone to look at during the meal. 

  • Mini Bar: Use a side table or beverage cart to set up a bar. Put out all the mixings for a refreshing spring cocktail and make sure there are lots of fresh fruit garnishes. 

  • Table Garland: Make a spring pennant garland out of triangles of burlap and felt letters. Hang across the dining table. 

  • Easter Baskets: Easter baskets can serve as beautiful decorative pieces for your table. Decorate a basket with silk fabric and gorgeous artificial flowers. To do this, cut silk fabric in a circle with a diameter about three times that of the woven basket. Line the inside of the basket with the fabric, hot gluing it along the edges of the basket. Remove the stems from the flowers, then glue the flower buds to the entire surface of the basket. Once everything has dried, fill the basket with candy or Easter eggs for decoration. 
Last but not least, before your Easter gathering, be sure to send online Easter invitations to easily manage RSVPs and communicate with guests. Enjoy the holiday, the time with friends and family and treat yourself on all the goodies the Easter bunny has left for you!
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