Easter Games for Kids

If you plan to host an Easter at your house this year, you may be wondering how to keep the kids busy and entertained at your gathering. In addition to crafts projects, consider playing a few Easter games with the kids. Designate one or two people (perhaps teenagers in the family) to help run the Easter activities with the younger kids.
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Here are a few Easter games and activities to keep the kids entertained during your Easter holiday celebration! 

  • Easter Bingo: For this Easter game, set up bingo cards with an Easter theme. This could include a bunny, egg, basket, etc. Pass out the bingo cards to each of the kids. Use small candy like jellybeans for markers. You can play a variety of different bingo games like regular bingo, postage stamp, and blackout depending on the ages of the kids.

  • Bunny Hop Race: This is a great Easter game for kids to play. It’s also fun for the adults to watch too! To set it up, you need some pastel balloons and two buckets. Set up a pile of the balloons at one end of the yard and the two buckets at the other end. Divide all of the kids up into two teams. Have each team start at the balloon side of the yard. To start the race, one person from each team must place a balloon between their knees and hop to the bucket. Once they reach the bucket, they must drop the balloon into the bucket and sit behind the bucket. Once they are sitting, the next person on their team can start hopping. If the balloon falls or pops while a person is hopping to the bucket, they must start back at the starting line. The first team with all of their members sitting behind the bucket wins the bunny hop race!

  • Art Contest: Another fun Easter activity for kids to do is an art contest. Put out a variety of paint colors and paper for the kids to use. Ask them to draw something simple like the Easter bunny or an Easter egg. Another idea is to ask them to draw what Easter means to them. Once everyone has finished, have three adults be the judges and choose the winning piece of artwork!

  • Easter Memory Game: For this Easter game, you will need sixteen cards with eight Easter symbols on each of them such as the Easter Bunny, baby chick, Easter egg, or an Easter basket. Be sure to only choose eight symbols so that you will have eight pairs for each of the sixteen cards. You will also need tape and a large board to put all of the cards on. Mix up each of the cards and tape them to the board with the picture facing down. The kids must then choose one card at a time to be flipped over. The purpose of this game is to try and match up the symbol pairs. If the kid can remember where the pair is of the card they just flipped over, they get to choose the next card to be flipped over. This game is similar to the game “concentration.”

Finally, no matter what activity you plan, be sure to send online Easter invitations to easily manage RSVPs and communicate with guests before your gathering. Customize your favorite Easter invitation and send by text or email instantly.
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