Easter Egg Decoration Themes

Looking for different ways to decorate Easter eggs? We've got you covered. Check out these egg decorating themes to impress Easter guests or entertain kids with a project.
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Feathered Eggs
For this Easter egg decoration idea, you use feathers (and a bit of glue) to create Easter eggs that work beautifully as table decorations, Easter basket accents, etc. You'll need eggs, glue, and a colorful supply of feathers from your local craft store. 

  • With a needle, poke a small hole in the top and a slightly larger one in the bottom of each egg. To remove the egg contents while keeping the shell intact, simply blow through the smaller hole and let the egg yolk and white go down to drain (or set them aside for a quick baking project).
  • Next, brush a mixture of 3 parts glue to 1 part water on the exterior of each egg, and cover each egg with an initial layer of some of your more thin and flexible feathers.
  • Keep an old egg carton or two on hand as a perfect drying rack to let your Easter eggs sit a while.
  • Once your initial layer is applied, you can continue to layer feathers of different colors all over your Easter eggs to achieve a bright, upbeat look that will knock those dyed eggs out of the park.

Tattoo Easter Eggs
Simply find free images online and resize them to fit on an egg. Print them on temporary tattoo paper (found at many craft storers), and apply the tattoo to the egg. For an easier alternative, just buy some temporary tattoos online or at your local toy store. These fun and unique Easter eggs will make a statement – with no mess! Kids can choose images of their favorite Superhero or Disney characters for Easter eggs they’ll love.

Another idea for Easter eggs is decoupage. Make a simple mixture of glue and water, and paste your favorite magazine, newspaper clippings, or colored tissue paper to the outer surface of each egg. Talk about unique Easter eggs! The end result is a sophisticated, polished and antique look that will impress all of your Easter Sunday guests.
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Stripes & Polka Dots
This easy project is perfect for kids of any age. Dip your hard-boiled egg into one color dye until they are the desired share. After the eggs are dry, use white paint to draw on polka dots and stripes. This twist on traditional Easter egg decoration will produce fabulous looking eggs that are also fun to make as a family!

Nature Imprinted Easter Eggs
A creative way to add a spring feel to your Easter eggs is with this fun project. Collect flowers and leaves from your yard or a nearby park. Place the leaf or blossom face down on an egg, wrap the egg in a square of nylon pantyhose (or other very thin fabric), and secure with a twist tie or rubber band. Depending on the color you desire, select red onion peels, yellow onions, purple cabbage, or cranberries to use to make dye. Bring a large pot of water to a boil and add the chosen dye ingredients, along with the eggs. Make sure to lower the eggs in very carefully so they don’t crack! Let eggs sit in boiling water for 20 to 30 minutes, and you will have beautifully designed Easter eggs.

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Rubber Band Stripes
This one's an oldie but goodie. Before dyeing your Easter eggs, secure a few rubber bands of varying widths around each egg. The result? Patterns of perfect white bands around your eggs. Try to shift the position of the rubber bands to achieve different patterns. Though the striped patterns on each of your Easter eggs will be different, the simple mixture of bright Easter colors and white stripes will serve as a lovely unifying design theme that keeps your Easter activities aesthetically pleasing.

Easter Bunny Eggs
Create the fun Easter bunny eggs fast, and with no dye required! All you need are small pink pom-poms, white foam, a black marker, and glue. Simply cut out bunny ear shapes from the white foam and glue them onto the top of the egg. Next, glue a pink pom-pom to the center of the egg for the nose. Once the glue is dry, draw on eyes and whiskers. These adorable bunny eggs are perfect for an Easter egg hunt, an Easter basket, or as a part of your dinner table décor.
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