Easter Egg Decoration Ideas

 Decorating Easter eggs is one of the most popular activities when it comes to celebrating Easter. Easter eggs are party of the celebration for kids as they often participate in Easter egg hunts. However, Easter eggs are often just a pretty decoration that work their way into lovely holiday centerpieces and other arrangements.
 Here's the trick for Easter egg decorating: use an old-fashioned rubber band. You'll actually want many of them!
 Before dyeing your Easter eggs, secure a few rubber bands of varying widths around each egg. The result? Patterns of perfect white bands around your eggs. Try to shift the position of the rubber bands to achieve different patterns. 
 Though the striped patterns on each of your Easter eggs will be different, the simple mixture of bright Easter colors and white stripes will serve as a lovely unifying design theme that keeps your Easter activities aesthetically pleasing. 
 Another idea for Easter eggs is decoupage. Make a simple mixture of glue and water, and paste your favorite magazine or newspaper clippings to the outer surface of each egg. Talk about unique Easter eggs! The end result is a sophisticated, polished and antique look that will impress all of your Easter Sunday guests.
 No matter how you decorate your Easter eggs, be sure to make time for fun in your Easter activities! Find more inspiration for your easter egg decorating below.
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