Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter is a great opportunity to be creative and have fun with your kids. There are many different types of Easter crafts for kids of all ages. Choose a craft that you think would spark your child's interest. Don’t be afraid to add your own ideas to make it a fun and unique experience!

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Easter Bunny Mask

The materials that you will need for this Easter craft include pink and white craft foam, scissors, three blue pipe cleaners, glitter, ribbon, stapler, and glue. Help your child trace a bunny head onto the white craft foam, then cut it out. Draw two circles for eyes on the foam and cut those out. Cut out a small circle in the pink foam and glue it onto the bunny head as its nose. Next, cut the pipe cleaners in half. Glue three pipe cleaners to each side of the bunny’s face for its whiskers. Then, cut two long pieces of ribbon and staple it to the sides of the mask. Then, allow your child to decorate the bunny’s face with glitter, jewels, or markers. Snap a picture of your child wearing the mask to send in online Easter cards!

Styrofoam Easter Eggs

For this Easter craft you will need Styrofoam eggs, beads, ribbon, lace, sequins, paint, markers, glitter, glue, straight pins, and scissors. Help your child choose materials to use to decorate their Easter eggs. (If you are going to use a glue gun, help them glue the materials to the egg. Regular glue should work fine too.) Once they have decorated their eggs, cut a small piece of ribbon and use a straight pin to secure it to the top of the eggs. Once everything has dried, hang the Easter egg decorations using spring-themed clothespins. String your decoration on a window, a wall, or an indoor plant or tree as cute Easter decorations!

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Peeking Bunny

For this Easter craft you will need green, white, and pink construction paper, pencil, scissors, and two googly eyes. Help your child trace a large circle in the white construction paper and then cut it out. Next, cut two bunny ears from the pink construction paper and glue them onto the top, back of the white circle paper. Glue two googly eyes to the top of the circle under the bunny’s ears. Then, trace three handprints on the green construction paper and cut them out. Glue the handprints to the bottom of the white circle. This will make it look like the bunny is peeking through the grass!

Easter Chicks

Easter chicks are a great Easter craft for kids to do. The materials that you will need are large yellow pompoms, small yellow pompoms, small googly eyes, orange craft foam, black pipe cleaners, glue, and scissors. First, glue the small pompom to the larger one. Cut a small triangle for the chick’s beak. Glue it to the middle of the small pompom. Then, glue two googly eyes above the nose on the smaller pompom. Then, cut the pipe cleaners and twist them to look like chick feet. Glue the chick feet to the bottom of the larger pompom.
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Want to gather all the neighborhood kids for a crafting project? Send online Easter invitations to via text or email to get a quick headcount and communicate with guests. 
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