Easter Basket Tips

Easter baskets are probably one of the most popular traditions that surround the Easter holiday. Kids look forward to their Easter baskets for weeks leading up to the holiday and parents often have fun filling the baskets for their kids. Read on for some easy Easter basket tips that are sure to help you make your Easter Sunday the best possible.
  • Thing big: Instead of trying to jam a bunch of Easter treats into a smaller basket, buy a larger basket this year. You'll have more space to arrange Easter presents tastefully, and your kids will be that much more excited when they see their baskets.
  • Be creative: While ribbon and grass are always great for decorating Easter baskets, why not try your hand with a glue gun and beads, fabric, pins and fake flowers? Bonus: if you come up with a great design, you can always keep that basket on hand for next year!
  • Get personal: Sure, everyone loves chocolates and sugary candy. But why not treat each Easter basket as a mini gift basket and give specific gifts to each recipient? For girls, try nail polishes and bath products. For boys, favorite DVDs or baseball cards.
  • Be age-specific: A packet or two of flower seeds and a set of watercolors are great presents to put young girls in a creative, Spring-y mood. For boys, bubbles and water guns are always a sure thing.
  • Maintain tradition: If you decide to make the Easter baskets more gift-oriented, make sure to include an Easter classic like Peeps. After all, it's not Easter without Peeps!
Hopefully these ideas will help inspire you to make creative, personalized Easter baskets for your loved ones. They don't need to be elaborate, but a little thought goes a long way!
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