Creating a Haunted House Room by Room

Plan a Halloween party at your house and complement a “scary” theme with fantastic haunted house ideas! Creating a haunted house is a fun and spirited task. Make a scary scene in each room of your home to spook and surprise guests upon entry!

Follow one very important tip for making a haunted house—take it room by room. Figure out how many rooms will be in use at the party. Create a haunted house in the living room, kitchen, and entryway. Assign a theme to each room. Ideas for how to build a haunted house are numerous. Just a few of the ideas for room-by-room themes include a graveyard, an operation room, and a witch’s lair.

Find out how to transform your humble abode into a haunted mansion. Here are a few ideas for haunted houses that you can use for any room in your house!

  • Graveyard: Turn one room of your home into a graveyard. Use ideas for how to make a haunted house graveyard such as headstones, coffins and other props. Write RIP on the front of the headstones. Place coffins in the room with mummies or vampires inside. Scatter decorations such as skulls, skeletons, bones, and spiders for additional props.
  • Operation Room: Create an operation room right in your own kitchen. Make green Jello for brains, spaghetti for guts, peel grapes for eyeballs and raisins for witch’s warts. Place some of the items out on a table and label them as such. Pick some of the other items and create feel boxes. Put boxes over the bowls and cut holes in the tops in which guests can insert their hands. Award prizes for the guests who can guess all of the items inside the boxes.
  • Witch’s Lair: Decorate one of the rooms as a witch’s lair. Purchase a cauldron from your local party store and put dry ice inside to create a "smoky" effect. Be sure to tell guests not to touch the dry ice! Scatter other decorations around the room such as broomsticks, black cats, and witches hats. Convince a family member to dress up as a witch for the night and tell him or her to entertain guests in the witch’s lair. For additional entertainment, hire a tarot card reader!

These are a few haunted house ideas to get you started. To start your party off right, send free, online Halloween invitations to family and friends. Act fast and get on your guests' calendars early. After all, you don’t want them to miss the effort you put into creating an amazing haunted house!

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