Planning a Circus Themed Halloween Party

Plan a fun and exciting Halloween circus theme party for kids, or get inspired by haunted circus ideas for an adult party. This is an unusual theme with plenty of room for imagination as you plan the entertainment, Halloween circus costumes, and food.
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To start, send online Halloween party invitations you can customize and send from your phone in minutes. Find a fun circus or carnival invitation, add important event details, send by text or email, and easily gather RSVPs online. 


In your invitations, include a requirement for all guests to wear circus Halloween costumes to the Halloween party. Suggest circus costume party outfits such as a wild animal, ringmaster, or clown. Encourage guests to include their own personal circus costume ideas. Tweak classic circus costumes (a clown, for example) to be scary.

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Haunted House

Create a circus haunted house to entertain your guests during the party. Hire amateur performers to dress up and participate in the haunted house as scary clowns or classic circus acts. Ask the clowns to hide in closets and jump out when they hear guests. Create a hall of mirrors in your hallway. Make a jack-in-the-box and have the clown jump out when he or she sees guests. Finally, set up a tent, have a clown lie inside and stick his or her large red clown feet out the door opening. Ask the clown to move his or her feet on occasion to scare guests


Plan a circus themed Halloween party that is appropriate for kids with more fun and lighthearted entertainment. Ask a couple of teens from a local gymnastics school to perform an acrobatic show at the party or get a group of clowns to perform a juggling act. For the final act, hire an animal tamer to bring an animal to the show and perform tricks for the guests.
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Set up a cotton candy and popcorn machine for guests. You can also choose to purchase red and white striped popcorn contains, pop the popcorn yourself, and fill the containers. Hot dogs on the grill make for great circus food, but you can also hire a caterer if you’d prefer to be a hands-free host.

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Consider additional circus themed activities such as a face painting station and an apple bobbing stand. Another fun idea is to hire a fortune teller and set up a corner with tarot cards, a crystal ball, and candles. Keep the party fun, keep guests on the edges of their seats, and take plenty of pictures!
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