10 Creative S'mores Combinations

Nothing says summer quite like a campfire s’more! Whether it’s at a backyard party or a casual evening get-together, everyone will love this sweet summer treat. But why stop at the traditional chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker combination? Here’s a roundup of 10 creative s’mores combinations for your summer party. Enjoy!

10 Creative S'mores Combinations

1. Childhood Favorite: Peanut butter cup + banana + marshmallow + graham crackers

2. Sweet & Savory: Salted caramel chocolate + candied bacon + marshmallow + graham crackers

3. Summer Berry: Dark chocolate + strawberry slices + marshmallow + graham crackers

4. Nutty S’more: Hazelnut spread + marshmallow + graham crackers

5. Triple Chocolate: Dark chocolate + chocolate marshmallow + chocolate graham crackers

10 Creative S'mores Combinations

6. Apple Pie S’more: Apple slices + caramel sauce + marshmallow + apple-cinnamon graham crackers

7. PB & J: Peanut butter + jelly + marshmallow + graham crackers

8. Sweet & Salty: Chocolate + pretzel twist + marshmallow + graham crackers

9. Chocolate Chip Cookie S’more: Chocolate + marshmallow + chocolate chip cookies

10. Tropical Twist: White chocolate + caramel sauce + shredded coconut + marshmallow + graham crackers

10 Creative S'mores Combinations

We’re hungry just thinking about all of these decadent combinations! Invite friends and family to enjoy any one of these at a party this summer. Get started with these free online invitations:

Free Online Invitations for a Summer Party

Free Online Invitations

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