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Local to Newport offering the best rates on Aquidneck Island for professional Livery services. Specializing in airports, train stations, medical appointments, proms, weddings, and sporting events. Luxury vehicles with plenty of comfort and space, along with full amenities. 24 Hour booking notice necessary, accepting all credit cards.

Will always price match with a satisfaction money back guarantee. Never a cancellation fee for reservations or extra wait charges when delayed.

To book a reservation- call 401-324-5507 or text 757-266-7534

Highlights and Features:

- State compliant and regulated. - USB charging port. - Snack and beverage service at no extra cost. - Spacious back seat with tray tables. - Meticulously cleaned vehicle. - Leather heated seats. - Free Wi-Fi. - Full live TV access. - No headache with parking. - All luggage handled, regardless of weight. - Enjoy company without the distraction of driving. - Getting lost or following directions is not an issue. - Fully insured with $1.5 million in liability. - Additional safety with HOV lane access. - Leaves an impression and good memories. - Perfect for any event. - Door to door service. - An opportunity to relax and sit back. - 1:1 communication reservation process. - Flat rates regardless of condition, delay, and time. - Outstanding customer service. - Local to Aquidneck Island.

Associations and Certifications:

- Fully insured with highest state liability of $1.5 million - Rhode Island DPUC registered

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