Top 10 Reasons to Send a Holiday eCard

Along with all of the planning associated with the holiday season, there are also tons of holiday greetings to send to friends, family, and co-workers. Rather than spending lots of money on paper holiday cards, send free ecards for the holidays through Punchbowl. No matter what kind of look you want, Punchbowl offers a wide variety of options and customized colors and layouts. Everyone will find someting that fits their needs. Spare the expense, save time, and send free holiday greeting cards this year!


Top 10 Reasons to Send Holiday eCards

  1. You can include everyone on your list. If you have 117 people in your address book, and the set of paper greeting cards come in packs of 100, then inevitably there will be people who don't make the cut. You can send holiday ecards to absolutely everyone on your list.
  2. You can send eCards from the comfort of your own home. There's no need to brave the traffic or try to find time to get to the store or post office during a certain set of hours. You can use Punchbowl's digital greeting cards at anytime of day or night from the comfort of your couch. 
  3. You can decide the exact date and time the eCard arrives. Timing something to arrive in the mail on a certain day, especially around the holidays, can be a challenge. With a free holiday e card you can decide exactly when you'd like your greeting to arrive in the recipient's inbox. You can even schedule it to send at sundown on the first day of Hanukkah or bright and early on Christmas morning. 
  4. You can help the environment. When you choose not to use paper, you save trees. Every little bit counts when it comes to the environment. Reduce, reuse, recycle!
  5. You can save yourself the cost of printing and mailing. Punchbowl's free holiday ecards are designed to have the look and feel of a paper card. It's a cost-efficient way to send your thoughtful and meaningful messages during the holiday season. 
  6. You can easily add your family photo. Everyone has their photos stored on a computer nowadays. Punchbowl has an assortment of holiday photo cards that allow you to upload your own image from the files on your computer. You can show off your latest family picture, special images of a new house or renovation, a winter scene from your backyard, or an adorable family pet. 
  7. You can write a personal message. Tired of out-of-the-box greeting card messages? Now you have the opportunity to write your own! If you need some guidance, check out these holiday card wording ideas.
  8. Your recipients can easily respond to your greeting. After someone views the free holiday card, they can easily reply with a holiday greeting of their own. As they say, those who give shall receive. Help spread the holiday spirit!
  9. Your recipients can save the card. Anyone who receives your holiday e card can easily save it to look at later or display on their iPad for all to enjoy! Rest assured that your card won't end up in the trash come New Year's. 
  10. It's fun! It's a delightful experience to choose the design you like such as the wreath holiday ecard above; customize it with special accents like postage, an envelope liner, and a rubber stamp; and write your own message. A holiday eCard is also fun to receive. 

Have fun sending some happy holiday ecards to everyone in your life and spread the holiday cheer!

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